Opportunity meets expertise.
We invest in game-changing brands and the visionaries behind them, working hand in hand with founders to reach success on their own terms.  


Let's face it, the way we do business has fundamentally shifted. The new generation of entrepreneurs building businesses are calling for a new approach to venture capital, which we are here to provide. 

Money meets Mentorship. We are not just investors, we are partners driven by the same purpose & passion as you. We have built & grown companies ourselves allowing us to provide hands-on expertise & mentorship to help scale and grow your business all with a clear path to exit. 

New Money is Smart Money. 



Our team has a proven process that provides hands-on expertise, scale, and strategy all with a clear path to exit. We help founders grow their business on their own terms by leveraging our first hand experience in building brands, tapping our expansive network and leaning into our operator mentality.


We prioritize women-led and women founded organization when it comes to funding. The majority of our investments made will fall into this category to ensure we are empowering the next generation of women leaders with not only expertise but capital. 


We invest in  high growth consumer businesses built to disrupt. We are seasoned entrepreneurs and look for investments that will benefit from our operational know-how, expertise fit and marketing magic to build, scale and exit one-of-a-kind businesses. 


After selling her first business, an agency focused on influencer campaigns & Social media marketing, Jaclyn recognized a gap in conversations, resources, events and community for female millennial entrepreneurs and responded with a solution, Create & Cultivate. C&C the wildly popular media platform and nationwide conference became a household name amongst ambitious women. In the process, Jaclyn’s own work-life philosophy, built on the cornerstones of hard work and innovation have propelled her voice to the forefront of the discussion on women in the workplace, a new thought-leader for millennial women and Gen-Z-ers on the career come up who didn't raise millions of dollars but built companies from the ground up.

Named a Forbes 30 Under 30, an Adweek Disruptor and profiled in Fast Company, the LA Times, Entrepreneur and more, Johnson has earned her way to the frontlines of a workplace revolution at a time when change-agents and disruptors are flexing real influence.

Self-funded serial entrepreneur with two multi-million dollar exits under her belt.

Jaclyn Johnson


who we are 

Neha Kumar is the former COO & CFO of Create & Cultivate, an integrated platform designed to help millennial women achieve their full career potential, including new female entrepreneurs who require additional resources. In early 2021, Neha led the company through a majority acquisition by Corridor Capital. Prior to her time at Create & Cultivate, Neha also held roles at Merrill Lynch/Bank of America banking.

Neha has a dynamic and entrepreneurial mindset. She has achieved success in operationalizing businesses in the start-up space by tapping into her institutional knowledge in banking and unlocking opportunities to scale. She is also an angel investor who is passionate about investing in game-changing businesses. As a current faculty member at the UCLA Anderson school, she teaches the next generation of undergraduates about entrepreneurial finance and management. She received her education at two distinguished Southern California institutions, UCLA for undergrad and an MBA from USC.

spreadsheets are her love language. 

Operations meets finance, Neha has helped build, scale  & sell businesses. 

Neha Kumar 

We put our money where our mouth is

Our Portfolio Companies


Female made, Female owned. Meet Maie, perfectly portioned wine every time. Serving a bottle of your favorite varietals by the glass all while bringing you along into #MaieWorld a place for discovery, dreams & good drinks. 


Hi Note is a plant-based, chef-driven seasoning company that helps everyone create healthy, flavorful, and cost conscious meals in minutes. Made in LA, sourced globally.


Made of botanical extracts to give you all the highs of life without the booze. More bitter than your ex, Ghia, promises to kick up the energy and calm down the mind. To soothe and stimulate. 


Mindful care for healthier hair with timeless tools and clean, effective formulas. Made with the goal to transform the way you care for your strands, so that your hair routine becomes your ritual. 


Joyo Tea, co-founded by power couple Jay Shetty & Radhi Devlukia-Shetty,  is a functional tea company that is inspired by and built upon Ayurvedic traditions and powered by adaptogens. 


A new high performance skin-loving suncare brand, from supermodel Winnie Harlow, that is formulated for all skin tones and “wears like air”. Available online and at Sephora. 


Deux is good-for-you cookie dough that is plant-based, functional, gluten-free and Non- GMO. You can eat it straight from the jar or bake it and feel good about it with ingredients such as Maca, Collagen, Zinc & More.  


The Museum of Earth is creating a groundbreaking experience with a purpose – a place to reconnect with the most spectacular elements of nature. It’s an interactive journey to corners of the planet you’ve only dreamed of visiting.


Frame Fitness is revolutionizing the Pilates industry. Frame is a sleek, foldable digitally connected reformer that offers convenient access to low-impact, full-body workouts taught by best-in-class instructors right in your home.

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